Many people understand the need to dispose of confidential paperwork properly to prevent the fraudulent use of personal details or financial information. Protecting ourclients’ identity is vital and Australian legislation stipulates the secure disposal of certain types of data within particular timeframes. Regulating the storage and timely destruction of sensitive details is necessary to combat the illegal obtainment and use of private information for criminal activities.

The interference with individual or corporate privacy through the unauthorised possession of confidential material is commonly associated with paper documents that have been inadequately disposed of. Whilst many offices have substantially reduced their generation of hard copy records, instead creating digital and online equivalents, there is still a large volume of paper that requires secure destruction. Attention must also be given to the equipment that creates, stores and files the electronic data of today’s age.

Here at Complete Shredding Services we fully understand the business of securely destroying all forms of confidential data, be it paper based or digital. Our state of the art trucks are equipped with the latest shredder technology to dispose of files, bins, compact discs and computer drives. Our professional team collect your sensitive data in secure containers and immediately destroy it on site, leaving you with peace of mind that the job has been completed.

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