Ordinary refuse collection is no way to dispose of confidential information, it could easily end up in unscrupulous hands and result in stolen identity or financial fraud. The secure destruction of documents, files, computer discs and drives is vital in ensuring the protection of sensitive data on your staff and clients. Compromising this information can lead to irrecoverable consequences for a business found to have inadequate product shredding procedures in place.

The Complete Shredding Services trucks are equipped with hi-tech equipment to securely dispose of your private hard and soft copy files. Once arriving at your site, the team collect all documents safely and destroy them on board the trucks before leaving your premises. The empty bins are returned to your requested locations and a Certificate of destruction is presented as evidence of our service completion and your peace of mind.

We can arrange for the sale or lease of lockable document bins to your company, which we will collect and destroy once full and organise the shredded paper to be recycled. We take pride in operating as a trustworthy and reliable company that is fully committed to a professional and affordable service.

Visit our website to request a quote online or if you prefer to speak with a member of the team call 0412 419 911. Information to have handy would include when onsite parking is available for a truck and whether this is on street or in a loading bay etc. If there are steps at the building or a lift is accessible and the type of job such as office clean out or computer disc destruction.