Social security numbers, names, addresses, personal account details, and signatures are all assets to identity thieves or competition. Criminals who steal personal identity details utilise it for buying expensive assets and for withdrawing money from other’s accounts. Document shredding services are therefore important for security purposes.

Document shredding services are primarily of two types: off-site and on-site shredding services. On-site shredding services bring professionals to the business or company site. The shredding professionals come with on-site truck containing the shredding equipment and machines, pick up the security bins and archive boxes containing confidential documents and papers, and then shred those documents straight away at their client’s place of business. Off-site document shredding service is different in the sense that the shredding takes place at the shredding company’s site rather than on-site.

On-site document shredding services are more in demand compared to the off-site shredding services because on-site document shredding is considered to be more reliable and safe. It allows businesses to control, as well as view the entire document shredding procedure. Their confidential documents are not carried anywhere. Instead, the papers are destroyed in front of them. On-site document shredding services allow businesses to enjoy peace of mind that their personal and confidential business information would not reach wrong hands and wrong people.

A lot of on-site document shredding companies also provide lockable containers and security bins prior to the pick-up so that their clients can put all their documents in them for safe and secure destruction. After shredding the documents, the shredding companies provide a certificate of destruction for their client’s peace of mind. On site document shredding is a no fuss, no mess shredding procedure that doesn’t leave anything behind. The shredded documents in most cases are taken for recycling.

The only disadvantage of on-site document shredding is that space has to be provided for parking bulky paper shredding trucks/vans. This can impact the parking space and can cause some inconvenience to the company staff and visitors. Off-site document shredding services do not pose such problems as they take the locked paper bins and boxes and carry the shredding at their own facilities. Further, for on site shredding services, the shredding companies have to bring in their shredders and trucks at the business place which adds to their shredding costs.

Off-site shredding services are cheap and easy but if you are concerned about the security nothing can match on-site document shredding service.

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