We’ve come to the end of the financial year and for many businesses it means extra hours (even late nights) getting your taxation documents sorted. But it’s also an opportunity to hit the “reset” button and get clean and organised in the office for the year ahead. Here’s how you can perform an EOFY office clean out efficiently and securely.

Old Equipment

Be sure to remove hard drives of old laptops and desktops. Remember, sensitive information can still be retrieved after deletion. Complete media destruction must be employed.


Take time to check that your anti-virus and malware protection softwares are up-to-date to ensure that your computers run optimally.

Electronic Files

Got plenty of files sitting on your computer’s desktop? De-clutter and organise them in folders. Make some extra space by deleting photos, downloads and other documents you no longer need.

Paper Files

Destroy paperwork who have passed their time. For your utmost protection, talk to us about locked security bins to put your papers in until the scheduled destruction date – instead of simply placing them in open bins.

Clean Desk Policy

Moving forward, look into implementing a clean desk policy for your staff. A clean desk policy usually outlines how a staff’s desk must be maintained – clear of post-its, notepads, files containing sensitive information – to protect the organisation from information theft.

Don’t forget, Complete Shredding Services also specialises in secure office clean outs. Contact us to schedule your office clean out.