Document ShreddingNo matter what size of business, from the smallest to the largest, there are always confidential documents that need to be safely stored or destroyed. The increase in identity theft and financial fraud linked to data from sources that have been incorrectly disposed of is alarming. Professional shredding of documents and their complete destruction helps prevent information being discovered and used for criminal purposes.

Sensitive details that require shredding include client information, credit card numbers and staff information such as payroll and personnel files. In our digital age, hacking and other cyber-crimes are regularly attempted on corporate networks and IT professionals work hard to protect their company data. It’s easy to forget that so much data is still produced in paper format and that organised thieves are looking for its inadequate disposal in order to utilise it illegally.

For safe security document destruction trust the experts at Complete Shredding Services. We are a mobile service that offers the convenience of coming to your premises, at home or work, and destroying hard copy documents onsite. Your papers are collected in secure bins and shredded immediately in our trucks before we leave the site.

Utilising the most advanced technology, our market leading operation provides your business with complete peace of mind that all documents are fully destroyed whilst you wait. Following their destruction, a certificate is then issued to officially notify completion of the job. The shredded paper is recycled, leaving you with no mess or leftover rubbish to dispose of. Contact our friendly team today for a quote or visit our website to do it online.