Whether it’s your hard drives, old computers, e-waste or other discarded products, you need to shred them and here is why

When it comes to protecting your business, safeguarding your confidential files and sensitive information is critical. If you don’t protect your information, you leave your business at risk of data breaches, intellectual property theft, document and identity fraud and corporate espionage. Not only do these threaten your business’s overall health, progress and reputation, but you could also face regulatory fines.

To avoid any breaches, most businesses employ a secure document shredding service to securely dispose of their sensitive data.

But what are you doing about data saved in digital files?

As businesses and companies increasingly rely on digital storage of sensitive information, greater volumes of old hard drives, USBs and media equipment are being archived and replaced with upgrades. Many people think that simply deleting or erasing digital files from their old devices is enough to dispose of the sensitive information, but what is often overlooked is the information you delete is still retrievable.

Unlike confidential documents that are shredded, digital files will live on forever so long as the hard drive is intact, regardless of whether the files were erased or not. As the old equipment and discarded digital devices pile up, greater volumes of sensitive data are being left exposed.

What does this mean for your business?

If you’re storing or have archived old hard drives or USBs, they potentially store hundreds and thousands of confidential data files, whether its private client information, emails, trade secrets, sensitive tax and financials or legal files.

Even if you’ve attempted to erase or delete the files from these devices, unless you destroy them completely, your confidential files could easily fall into the wrong hands. And when you discard devices without destroying them, you leave your business susceptible to breaches in legislation and risks including reputational damage, corporate disadvantage, regulatory fines and legal action.

How do you completely destroy a hard drive?

If you’re like many of our clients, you may not realise how easy and straightforward it is to destroy hard drives, as well as other discarded media such as USBs and old computers. And just as our clients have discovered, Complete Shredding Services provides a fast, simple and reliable destruction service for all your digital devices.

Using our state-of-the-art technology and in accordance with legislation, we’ll completely destroy your products, so you no longer have to worry. Our shredding technology will ensure they can never be accessed again. If you want to find out more information or how you can request a quote, visit Our Services page.

What about other discarded products?

In addition to e-waste, Complete Shredding also offers destruction services for all sorts of products, from outdated stock, old uniforms, faulty and recalled equipment, even shoes. If you want to secure your trade secrets, have complete control of discarded stock or want an environmentally friendly solution for disposing stock and equipment, Complete Shredding will take care of everything. Find out how we can help with your specific needs today.